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A few nights ago, I was putting my laundry away and I came across a silk thong. A few years ago, when I was 13 I first tried on a pair of panties, I’m pretty sure they were my mom’s, they made me so excited and I ended up cumming in them. I felt so ashamed that i threw them away and vowed never to do it again. It was so wrong that I felt horrible about it for months. I couldn’t even look at my mom for days after because I felt she knew. Well, when I came across this thong, I had that desire to try it on. Since that first time, I have always gotten excited seeing girls in panties, whether in a movie or if a girl is out in public and her thong is showing or a get a quick glance at a girl bending over, not realizing her panties are showing. So I saw this thong and had to try it on. I took off my pants, and slid them up my legs and put my pants back on. It felt so wonderful, that I ended up going to sleep in them. The next morning, I put them down in the laundry pile and that was that. Or so I thought. When I got home I really want to find another pair to wear. So I decided to go through the clean laundry and found a pair of bikini panties. So now I’m sitting here, writing this post and I have on panties under my clothes, my family is all around me but no one knows.

First a little about my family. I’m 18, and very small, 5’7″ 140lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. I’ve been told that I look a lot like my sister (who is a year younger than me). I also have an older sister who is 21 and my mom is 42. My dad left us about 10 years ago and is out of the picture. So basically I live in the estrogen house. I guess I should have known that I would get female tendencies at some point. My goal for this week is to get some pairs of panties of my own and to see what I like to wear as far as lingerie. It will require some sneaking around but, that’s what I love to do.

I will try and update this site every day, but it might be hard since the house is never empty. I hope to hear from other people that do the same thing. Maybe even help me understand what this is all about.


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